An Important Boundary For When You're Provoked

I’m an emotional woman. At times I allow my emotions to provoke me and my behavior in those moments can be rash and harsh.

Meekness is an internal boundary that I have not exercised enough, but I am in training. It is power under control, it is self-control.  I see it in others, both in lack and abundance. I’m rejoicing in knowing that the Lord is in every work out that I enter into with Meekness.


The Holy Spirit is highlighting the positives for me, some of the blessings of meekness are joy and a great inheritance. As I continue to submit myself to the Lord in this area, I fall, I fail, but I rejoice in knowing that the greatest teacher began this work in me and will complete it.

Meekness – The ability to not be provoked  

I love this statement, because it is what I want. I want the ability to not be provoked, especially by the enemy of my soul and my own emotions.

I would love to hear the blessings you’ve received through the gift of meekness.